CH. Coral Bay's Bound For Glory

 sire: Ch. Glory's One Mo Time   dam: Fanfair's Whispers N' The Wind

Bounder was handled to his Championship by co-owner Cindy DeLoache's young daughter, Stephanie. (pictured going breed over specials...from the classes) Way to go Stephanie!!!.



C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e TN20582702
Ch. Glory's One 'Mo Time Fanfair Whispers N The Wind Stabradav's Cheerio Belmar's Bucaneer Higman's Vicci of Stabradav REG. NAME: TITLES: REG. #: TN394156/01 BREED: PUG COLOR: Fawn BIRTH DATE: 06/05/1996 SEX: M ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Signed: Ch. Coral Bay's Bound for Glory BREEDER(S): Carol Anne Giles Michael Giles OWNER: Cindy DeLoache CO-OWNER: Carol Anne Giles Ch. Gerrie's Rory of Charlamar Ch. Charlamar's Indian Scout ROM BIS/BISS Ch. Charlamar's Miss Tooie Ch. Glory's Motor Scooter Ch. Glory's Doctor Dimento Ch. Glory's Pop Tart Ch. Glory's Shooting Star Gore's Mr Buckshot Calico Farm Sir Ralph of Gore Sassy Shasta O'Gore Ch. Pfau's Lady Gidget of Gore Ch. Gore's Fanci Adam Gore's Legacy Lady Nally's Li'l Skimper Ch. Royal A Irish Cream of Bonjor Ch. Royal A's Bailey Irish Cream Ch. Royal A's Tasha of Brittany Coral Bay's Dream-Stuff TN11111403
Ch. Hallagan Mischif Makr O'Erin Atlantis Sea Nymph O'Tinghsai TD178891
Donaldson's Brandi Alexandra TC957013
Ch. Hallagan's Paddy Wagon of Erin Ch. Hallagan Mischif Makr O'Erin TD178891
Fanfair's Stormie of Coral Bay Ch. Hallagan's Wins Um E-Z Weezy TM77198503
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